Politipod Persists

I did some good work with Politipod this week, as I have most every week for a few years now. (Wow, we go back at least as far as 2017) Most of those contributions have been voice characterizations, and this week was no exception, when I gave game takes on Governor Ron DeSantis and Arnold […]

Comedy Sketch: Trump Trial

Last week I collaborated with Matt Nisenoff of the politics/comedy sketch podcast Politipod. In addition to voicing some character parts, I wrote the lion’s share of a sketch called “Trump Trial,” a comedic imagining of the civil rape trial prep of former president and current political eyesore Donald Trump, to be released in the next […]

Writing Workshop

I had the recent good fortune to take part in a writing workshop, headed by Dylan Brody. Among the things we worked on was my sketch attempt regarding current events. We covered a lot of useful ground. Dylan Brody is a charming and witty host, now rakishly sporting a long mane and musketeer beard. And […]

Alex Jones Does Immaculate Wile E. Coyote Impression

Holy deep state antifa stormtroopers! If I Schadenfreude any harder, I’ll need a cigarette and a nap! Alex Jones’s ridiculous trial is ending, not with a bang or a whimper, but more like a disorganized splatter against porcelain. With a staggering, mouth-drying self-own by Alex’s lawyers, 2 years’ worth of his texts were helpfully supplied […]

Duct Ape

Have you seen the latest trend on local facebook groups? The one that comes to mind is the duct cleaning ads. For some reason, every schmo with a pickup truck, baseball cap and a vacuum cleaner has become an entrepreneur not only in vent-cleaning, but DIY marketing as well, posting pictures of their grody work […]

WordPress. All that’s old is new again.

I am reinvesting time and effort to improve my WordPress knowledge, and this site gives me the opportunity. For example, I keep getting an error message (Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response.) when I try to do something as simple as add or update a Page. Irritated nearly to madness, I […]