Meeting with potential new client

So, I have a meeting today with a venue manager, and we will be discussing Lodi’s newest open mike! I take nothing for granted, but I have prepared for this meeting with a good feeling; that if a meteor doesn’t fall out of the sky, I should have at least one new open mike event for the calendar.

Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it goes!

New Opportunities

I’ve been a busy little bee lately, except that I haven’t blogged a thing!

I am happy to report that I’m talking with a local brewery about an open mike opportunity. They wondered aloud if there will be much performer interest, so I took to social media to gauge interest.

I am happy to see Stockton and Sacramento comics show interest, with a surprisingly heavy constituency in Modesto. Noted! I will update my potential client with interest.

One other proactive thing I did was to mock up an event poster for the client; I felt like a good poster concept showed the client my interest and ability to help promote, and helped them envision the show that much more easily.