Trump and the Beanstalk progress

I’ve got a sketch I wrote months ago, conceiving puppet versions of DJT and Uncle Sam. I’ve finally got to shoot some of it this week, and it’s not as easy as I thought! But I took a run at it, and if nothing else, I have a rough-draft kinda version to play with.

I did successfully create a short intro video for the sketch, which was satisfying for having completed it, and absolutely thrilling in creating something that made me laugh despite my closeness to it. It’s silly in ways that I just really like.

I am tempted to post it here, as the intro is only about 20 seconds long, but it occurs to me to maintain some element of surprise, so important in comedy.

Also – and this is a weird little paradox and very “me” – I am a little ashamed of how proud I am of these little creations. The pleasure of making something instead of just daydreaming about it is intoxicating.

Just take my word for it; I made a simple intro video and it makes me giggle. That’s enough.