Meeting with potential new client

So, I have a meeting today with a venue manager, and we will be discussing Lodi’s newest open mike! I take nothing for granted, but I have prepared for this meeting with a good feeling; that if a meteor doesn’t fall out of the sky, I should have at least one new open mike event for the calendar.

Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Guest Set at the Roast of Roman Guzman

I had a last-minute chance to guest set at the Roast of Roman Guzman in Modesto Last night – what a night!

This show was a roast in the classic style of Dean Martin’s days of old. Chris Teicheira emceed and killed, as did Eric Somers and Mean Dave.

My material was written on short notice, but I am happy with my jokes.

SO much fun, everyone had strong material.