My Tobe Hixx interview for Politipod

Oh, hay – I forgot to tell you!

I interviewed comedian, actor and co-host of the Dope Dealers podcast: Tobe Hixx for The Interview segment with the Politipod podcast!

Tobe Hixx, actor and comedian

Interviewing the fascinating and funny Tobe Hixx was like firing off a cannon of stories: light the fuse, and stand back! The man has been places and seen things.

From Omaha Nebraska to San Diego California; from incarceration to ‘booked throughout the nation,’ Tobe Hixx has performed with a list of household names as long as your arm, and for those serving overseas. He has spent years making people laugh, and it shows!

Our conversation covered continents! Listen in, at:

More studying

I continue to study my SMM book by McDonald, mentioned earlier.

I’m finishing up the YouTube chapter. I am beginning to suffer from a lack of practical projects: grist for the mill. I am currently learning to swim from a book. It would do me well to get in some water.

But, I don’t have a project of my own to flog, and none of my personal contacts are ready with one, either. Approaching local business or charities is a slightly higher bar, and I don’t think I’m there, yet.

I’ll keep at it.

New book

In my pursuit to add social media content marketing to my skillset, I called upon a buddy who is already busy in that business. He recommended: Social Media Marketing Workbook: How to Use Social Media for Business, by Jason McDonald.

I am nearly halfway through the book. If you’re looking for a yea/nay review, I would encourage you to buy it. It is clearly written, and contains enough useful information that I can recommend it, too.

Part of my current trouble is not having a business or entity to use as a test case, upon which to use these ideas. I am tempted to create my own venture to use as the guinea pig for this effort, but I don’t think I have the energy/bandwidth to create a venture AND promote it. So, I’m finding tasks and self-assigned projects to practice upon. I am confident that in time, I will find projects to use as “grist for the mill.”

New plan

I am starting the new year with new goals.

Social Media Content Marketing

I am teaching myself more about social media content marketing: the use of social media tools to help businesses or entities improve their reach and effectiveness, with their websites and social media presences. With my existing skills and education in Computer Science, website design and photography, videography, it does make a kind of sense: building on the old, adapting to the new.

I’ve always been the type of person to get “hyped” about new things, new adventures and others’ journeys. Helping someone put their best foot forward and creating content to help them reach their goals is a natural fit, for me.

I plan to journal my learning and progress here, for me and for others who might benefit from my yearning and striving. Why not!