Politipod Read Through

I continue to work with Politipod, usually as voice talent. Last night, I joined the assembled for a live script read through. Three or four scripts, some light discussion, and lots of laughs. They’re a good group, I should do more with them. I have an idea for a sketch script: it’s a satire of […]

Death is 2020 – sketch

I am happy to mention I have written a new bit of political sketch comedy, a script for the Politipod podcast called “Death is 2020,” where the “2020 baby” is revealed to be none other than the Grim Reaper himself. I almost didn’t write the darn thing, at all. I had gone to bed last […]

News Job, STAB! Comedy Theater

Last night, it was my pleasure to appear on News Job, the livestream production by STAB! Comedy Theater in Sacramento. Hosted by Heather Rogue, the show featured scripted and unscripted jokes on news and current events. Besides me, guests on the show included comedians Cory Barringer and Keith Graber. I wrote some material in advance; […]

Podcast Prep

I’ve been mulling the idea of a video podcast for years. It’s what I do instead of doing things: I mull them. Glacially. Forever. It can’t be done wrong if it never actually gets done, ya read me? Good times. Anyway. I knew that recording an audio and video podcast would require some of my […]