Podcast Prep

I’ve been mulling the idea of a video podcast for years. It’s what I do instead of doing things: I mull them. Glacially. Forever. It can’t be done wrong if it never actually gets done, ya read me? Good times.


I knew that recording an audio and video podcast would require some of my live audio equipment (mikes, mixer, etc.) and some of my “studio” equipment (vidcam, laptop, so on). So I have been anticipating/dreading the chore/blissful task of dragging out discordant equipment, putting it back into some semblance of logical use, above dust collection. Christmas Day, I started to build my new Thing.

Video podcast equipment table

I still need to do a “dry run,” shoot a few minutes of multi-mike video chatter, and then edit it into something useful, on a small scale. That is always an interesting step in producing something you’ve never produced before!

If it helps someone researching podcast setups, it goes like this:

I’ve got an analog mixer for live shows. I plug two to four XLR microphones of varying quality and cost into that.

Out of the mixer’s “TAPE OUT” port, I send the sound to a recording device. In the past, that’s been a laptop with a 3.5mm (“headphone jack”) port, and into the free Audacity software. Since my fancy new laptop doesn’t seem to have a headphone jack, and because I intend to record video, I am sending the mixer’s output to my Canon Vixia R500 video camera. I chose this video camera because it has an audio input, which gives me a ton of flexibility with incoming sound. Also, I am happy with my Canon camera products, they’ve earned my consumer loyalty.

I’m sure I would benefit from a more digital-only setup, with USB mikes and mixer. So far, I’m working with what I have, improving as I go. Not a bad ethic.

Beyond all that, I have two inexpensive GoPro knockoff cameras, and I will see what kind of video they give me. I have lighting I can set up, I have some speaker stands I can use to effect a backdrop if I want, all this stuff being set up in my living room and all.

And that’s it for now.