New Opportunities

I’ve been a busy little bee lately, except that I haven’t blogged a thing!

I am happy to report that I’m talking with a local brewery about an open mike opportunity. They wondered aloud if there will be much performer interest, so I took to social media to gauge interest.

I am happy to see Stockton and Sacramento comics show interest, with a surprisingly heavy constituency in Modesto. Noted! I will update my potential client with interest.

One other proactive thing I did was to mock up an event poster for the client; I felt like a good poster concept showed the client my interest and ability to help promote, and helped them envision the show that much more easily.

Bar-hopping with ulterior motives

So I went into downtown Lodi a few nights ago. It’s a great place to get a drink, with many good spots to choose from. But I wasn’t just hunting for the perfect beverage: I was hunting down good entertainment venues, at which I might host comedy events…

My first stop was Idol Beer Works. I like the cut of their jib, and I hope to work with them soon. Then, it was off to almost any place in the downtown area that might even potentially host live events, including Ollie’s, Garry’s, Mokelumne Brewing, and a cocktail bar whose name escapes me at the moment. Great olives in the vodka martini though, I recall that…

Anyway, it was early Saturday, pre-rush almost everywhere, so I didn’t count on running into many members of management; I was correct. But I chatted up several pleasant and interesting bar staff and left business cards behind as if seeding for the growing season.

I’ll keep at it.

Idol Beer Works

Guest Set at the Roast of Roman Guzman

I had a last-minute chance to guest set at the Roast of Roman Guzman in Modesto Last night – what a night!

This show was a roast in the classic style of Dean Martin’s days of old. Chris Teicheira emceed and killed, as did Eric Somers and Mean Dave.

My material was written on short notice, but I am happy with my jokes.

SO much fun, everyone had strong material.