We’ve got a(nother) show!

I am always thrilled to book production for a new comedy show.

I just had a meeting with the leader of a private club, who had expressed an interest in quality stand up comedy. When we finally got together, I was doubly pleased that he had already heard how my production had blown the roof off of the Village West Yacht Club this month! I love it when my reputation precedes me!

And just like that, we’ve got another Hot One! I do so love choosing from the bounty of comedic talent this region offers. Let’s rock!

Village West Yacht Club Comedy Show

Mike Betancourt comedian
Mike Betancourt wows the crowd

I am thrilled to have produced a fantastic live comedy show for Village West Yacht Club in Stockton, California this month.

If you’ll excuse my bragging, I hosted the heck out of this show! I had a great opening/hosting set, and gave the other performers a warm, cheery audience to work with. I love setting up a room for a hot night!

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The Me, Mikeself and I podcast

I spend a thrilling thirty minutes with Mike Betancourt, the actor/comedian who is as busy as he is talented! His podcast, Me, Mikeself and I, is an excellent showcase for his kinetic energy, as well as comedic takes on life.

We touch on current events in regional stand up comedy, as well as national events of interest, including how Brett Kavanaugh stacked up against the late Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

Check out Mike’s podcast – enjoy!


A buddy of mine has reminded me that I’m already drifting away from any semblance of dicipline and regular release of material. He’s right.

It’s been a busy month: my birthday came through and for once I let myself relax and enjoy the slack time. Plus, some unexpected and unwelcome news came through on (I think) the very same day I launched the Channel, and that vague instance took a huge toll on my time.

Still, it doesn’t change my desire to have a reliable outlet for quality comedy and other presentations. I’ll work on it.


I’ve produced and released two videos for my new Youtube channel. It has been fairly satisfying, even in this limited scope.


These videos are imperfect, sometimes wincingly so. I can live with it, because I’ve seen plenty of sparkling ideas go down the toilet like last night’s champagne, with just as much fanfare or effort. I’ve seen myself quit when Things became insurmountable, and I’m allowing myself to enjoy even offbeat satisfactions like this.

I’ve had multiple conversations with talented friends in the entertainment industry who had encouraging words even as they were tinged with gentle criticism.

And the videos are rugged. I want to assure my cohorts and buddies that my taste is not shot. But the value I see in these videos that others don’t is that I got them done at all! It sounds like a flimsy goal when I say it that way, but while I wish that I had re-shot certain scenes or managed their sound better, I prefer to apply those instincts to the next project, and look back on these first attempts as just that, in their context.

As it is, I’ll go back to writing and get ready for next week’s contributions. And, let’s hope that I can see improvement over time!

Trump and the Beanstalk progress

I’ve got a sketch I wrote months ago, conceiving puppet versions of DJT and Uncle Sam. I’ve finally got to shoot some of it this week, and it’s not as easy as I thought! But I took a run at it, and if nothing else, I have a rough-draft kinda version to play with.

I did successfully create a short intro video for the sketch, which was satisfying for having completed it, and absolutely thrilling in creating something that made me laugh despite my closeness to it. It’s silly in ways that I just really like.

I am tempted to post it here, as the intro is only about 20 seconds long, but it occurs to me to maintain some element of surprise, so important in comedy.

Also – and this is a weird little paradox and very “me” – I am a little ashamed of how proud I am of these little creations. The pleasure of making something instead of just daydreaming about it is intoxicating.

Just take my word for it; I made a simple intro video and it makes me giggle. That’s enough.

Savage Whimsy News lives!

Oh, man. Today is a good day.

I have managed to focus my efforts and put together all of three minutes of current events-related humor, with visual tags and elements that add to the piece. I’m happy to have put it together, even as I plan to add at least a little more refinement to the segment itself, then couple it with something else for a real release.

I even had some helpful input from MM, thus far my sole collaborator, who reminded me something I should have known in the first place, to add ‘news theme’ music to my news semi-parody. It added more than a little to the overall presentation.

I was also able to add a logo image to my burgeoning Savage Whimsy YouTube Channel. Felt good.

I’ve almost got enough pieces in place to start making real and significant mistakes! How exciting! I need to go write!!

May it continue.

Long week, but not long enough

This week has been a weird one for production.

Another week has gone by when I hoped and planned to have something “in the can” by now. I got sloppy with my time and while I have continued to make progress in a “nibble around the edges” kind of way, I haven’t shot the monologue I was happy with, nor finished the cow for the Trump/Uncle Sam sketch. I had some little successes late last week, and the confidence they gave me led to a bit of complacency.

I knew this would happen: I’ve farted around long enough that the Trump/Kim meeting has been canceled! Ha, stupid me! Rewrites, anyone?? Ha. Ah, well. Who knows, it may still work out, and the puppets will definitely be useful over time. I still want to create more!

I did however finish up some supporting graphics for the material in the monologue and things of that nature – so while I’ve wasted a lot of time, I haven’t wasted it all. Let us remain positive, for the alternative is monstrous over time. 😉

Oh, and I had a good writing/production buddy in MM, but whose romantic cruise ship struck an iceberg and has been leaking all over our collaboration. I am loathe to bring it up, as what seems called for now is support. We can get back on the collab horse again soon enough.

Let’s talk again soon, eh?

Green screen joy

I am thrilled to have pooped out this little demo video, as I scrape and hammer my studio together out of available materials. I am joyful in a way that is tough to express, except that it feels like fun! Some hurdles that looked small turned out to be a real pain, and vice-versa; I have long since learned to appreciate victories, hard-won or not. Today is a little bit of both, but I’m surprising myself in ways that I am coming to remember as the excellent experiences they were in the past.

This was a test of my ability to affect a green screen effect in my humble studio. There’s plenty wrong with this clip, but the important things went right!