Video Podcast Studio ver. 0.9: loading

The last several weeks have been a fair tornado of activity in my efforts at building a humble media studio: almost a placid event when viewed from a distance and over time, but a closer look reveals a whirling, chaotic assemblage of materials and heretofore unseen resources. May we proceed in that direction, culminating in a new and remarkable creation, worthy of gawking at.

So far, so good!

I have been rediscovering and putting to use items – like audio and video equipment, craft materials and props – that I’ve gathered, saved and dragged along with me for years. I must say, finally putting things to their intended use is a pleasure and a thrill that’s all too late in arriving, but I’m glad to see it now that it’s here.

I have found a sturdy writing/creating partner (to be announced at another time, perhaps in the credits of our first production, at a minimum) and we are moving in slow but ever-quickening motions toward progress. I am excited; may it continue!