Politipod Read Through

I continue to work with Politipod, usually as voice talent.

Last night, I joined the assembled for a live script read through. Three or four scripts, some light discussion, and lots of laughs. They’re a good group, I should do more with them.

I have an idea for a sketch script: it’s a satire of the film “Taken,” with Liam Neeson, except that Donald Trump plays Neeson, the only, distant, telephonic support to Alan Weisselberg, Trump’s former accountant, currently playing the role of the about-to-be-inevitably-snatched daughter, and Feds play the part of the impending “Taking.”

“Listen to me,” drones nasally, sniffly Donald: “I don’t have money – okay, I have money, but it’s mine and you can’t have it, under any circumstances.

And I don’t have any particular set of skills. But what I do have… where was I? I got bored…”

It cracks me up, there must be something funny in there.

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