Stand up comedy

Oh, AND…!

I was back at the stand-up last week, at a place in Modesto. We started with our local take-off on “Who’s Line is it, Anyway’s” “Scenes from a Hat.” We had tons of good suggestions, and the merriment seemed to go on forever.

Following that, the stand up/open mike portion of the evening began, and we all took our swings. I brought a raft of new, current events humor with me, fresh from the brain stem, including dusty gems like:

Joe Biden is giving his first prime time address tonight. He would have given one sooner, but he’s always too groggy after the Early Bird special.

– Tom Bickle

and, regarding the recent goings-on in the biggest little state in the Union, Texas:

You’ll recall, Texas suffered a crippling cold snap not long ago, Texans had no power, no heat: I guess the state turned blue after all!

The shit has really hit the fan in Texas. Which is terrible because the shit was frozen rock solid, and there was no power to the fan.


Tom Bickle

I enjoyed writing about the new law that Oklahoma Representatives passed, protecting drivers who “unintentionally” (wink)run over protestors. It grants immunity to someone “fleeing a dangerous protest,” and if you ACCIDENTALLY get a couple of Antifa stuck in the grill of your lifted Ford like a Junebug with a sense of social justice… These things happen, All Lives Splatter, and you won’t have to face any charges:

Call it the “Snowflakes on my Windshield” bill. Unity!

But laws cut both ways. Righties are also out in the street. Don’t forget, here in America, we drive on the right!

They could go from the Proud Boys to the “Plowed Boys” in no time at all.

Call it the “Trumpers on Bumpers” Bill!

– Tom Bickle

I have such fun, writing material with a little bite… 😉

I’ve been busy

Holy cats, what a month it’s been! Let’s catch up!

First off, I got a new job. I am in an administrative position at an industrial supplier in the area. The people are pretty great. It’s good to be there.

And…! I continue to write and record and edit with Politipod. I’ve got a sheaf of new scripts that need voicing… Oh, and also, it’s through them I’ve recently gained access to some Dylan Brody writing classes and other resources. How exciting, I’m lucky to be amongst them.

Levi Huffman, guitarist

What’s more, I have new opportunities on the horizon, and not all of them I can talk about just yet! But I’m more excited about the near future than I have been in a long time!

One opportunity I can talk about is a meeting I have next week with Lodi’s most handsome, well-traveled guitarist/flautist/awesome fella, Levi Huffman! He’s got new gigs, new ideas, and new needs for his online presence! What…! I’ve got some ideas of my own!

He is a kick in the pants to work with, and hey, he even has a gig this weekend! Maybe I’ll see you there!