Village West Yacht Club Comedy Show

Mike Betancourt comedian
Mike Betancourt wows the crowd

I am thrilled to have produced a fantastic live comedy show for Village West Yacht Club in Stockton, California this month.

If you’ll excuse my bragging, I hosted the heckĀ out of this show! I had a great opening/hosting set, and gave the other performers a warm, cheery audience to work with. I love setting up a room for a hot night!

Taylor Evans
Taylor Evans, featured comedian

The charming and clever Taylor Evans was our feature act, and he was cuddly and funny throughout, to the surprise of no one.

The Mighty Mike Betancourt was our headliner, and Mike “left it all in the ring” as he always does, with his frenetic, sound-and-fury show. He had themĀ engaged and laughing from start to finish!

We rolled with some unexpected conditions outside our control (it’s what pros do!), and we stuck around to party with the crowd once the show was over!

Tom Bickle, Mike Betancourt
Tom Bickle, Mike Betancourt

What a night!


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