I’ve produced and released two videos for my new Youtube channel. It has been fairly satisfying, even in this limited scope.


These videos are imperfect, sometimes wincingly so. I can live with it, because I’ve seen plenty of sparkling ideas go down the toilet like last night’s champagne, with just as much fanfare or effort. I’ve seen myself quit when Things became insurmountable, and I’m allowing myself to enjoy even offbeat satisfactions like this.

I’ve had multiple conversations with talented friends in the entertainment industry who had encouraging words even as they were tinged with gentle criticism.

And the videos are rugged. I want to assure my cohorts and buddies that my taste is not shot. But the value I see in these videos that others don’t is that I got them done at all! It sounds like a flimsy goal when I say it that way, but while I wish that I had re-shot certain scenes or managed their sound better, I prefer to apply those instincts to the next project, and look back on these first attempts as just that, in their context.

As it is, I’ll go back to writing and get ready for next week’s contributions. And, let’s hope that I can see improvement over time!

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