Savage Whimsy News lives!

Oh, man. Today is a good day.

I have managed to focus my efforts and put together all of three minutes of current events-related humor, with visual tags and elements that add to the piece. I’m happy to have put it together, even as I plan to add at least a little more refinement to the segment itself, then couple it with something else for a real release.

I even had some helpful input from MM, thus far my sole collaborator, who reminded me something I should have known in the first place, to add ‘news theme’ music to my news semi-parody. It added more than a little to the overall presentation.

I was also able to add a logo image to my burgeoning Savage Whimsy YouTube Channel. Felt good.

I’ve almost got enough pieces in place to start making real and significant mistakes! How exciting! I need to go write!!

May it continue.

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