Long week, but not long enough

This week has been a weird one for production.

Another week has gone by when I hoped and planned to have something “in the can” by now. I got sloppy with my time and while I have continued to make progress in a “nibble around the edges” kind of way, I haven’t shot the monologue I was happy with, nor finished the cow for the Trump/Uncle Sam sketch. I had some little successes late last week, and the confidence they gave me led to a bit of complacency.

I knew this would happen: I’ve farted around long enough that the Trump/Kim meeting has been canceled! Ha, stupid me! Rewrites, anyone?? Ha. Ah, well. Who knows, it may still work out, and the puppets will definitely be useful over time. I still want to create more!

I did however finish up some supporting graphics for the material in the monologue and things of that nature – so while I’ve wasted a lot of time, I haven’t wasted it all. Let us remain positive, for the alternative is monstrous over time. 😉

Oh, and I had a good writing/production buddy in MM, but whose romantic cruise ship struck an iceberg and has been leaking all over our collaboration. I am loathe to bring it up, as what seems called for now is support. We can get back on the collab horse again soon enough.

Let’s talk again soon, eh?

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